We are open

Hours of operation:


Weather Permitting

 Last day for ice cream is October 12th

Mini Golf Closed

in Preparation for Future


Sorry for any Inconvenience

Please Stay Safe and Follow the Social Distancing Rules

We Still Have

Pumpkins and

Ornamental Gourds



are now buy 1 get 1

Last Day For Ice Cream Is Oct. 12th

Thanks for another great summer

What we are doing to protect our customers

We would like to inform our customers that 

We do still offer curb side service. Feel free to call us with an order, pay over the phone and when you pull up give us a call and we will load your trunk. You are also welcome to come inside and look around if you would like to.

We ask all our customers to wear face covering

And above all else stay safe, stay positive we will get through this if we work together. 

Thank you for your understanding.

We also have a new delicious line of Jams, Jellies, Hot Pepper Relish, Pickles, Salsa

Gift Cards make a great  gift.


They come in handy when it's time to do the garden.

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