Plant Care


We have a wide variety of plant care products.


Espoma Soil Acidifier is Great for keeping your Hydrangeas blue, Lowering your soils pH. 

Also great for blueberry bushes.

Holly Tone Increases better blooms and foliage in Hydrangeas, Azaleas, Rhododendron and Evergreens

Espoma Makes Some Really Great Organic Products.  Tomato-Tone is an Organic Vegetable food Approved by the USDA for Organic Gardening. It Helps Produce Plump, Juicier Tomatoes and Enriched with Calcium for all Vegetables.


Chicken Manure is an All Natural Plant food that is Not Only Great for Vegetable Gardening, but also Flowers, Trees and Shrubs benefit as well.

We Also Carry a Wide Variety of  Safe Pest and Disease Control Products. Espoma Earth Tone is an Organic Insecticidal Soap. Also Safer is an Organic Soap Made with Seaweed Extract. Kills Mites, Mealybugs and Whiteflies. The most Common Plant Pests. 

We Carry Sprays and Granule Systemics for indoor and outdoor Plants